I Am


Time is short these days now that I am in grad school full time, teaching, and being a mom to my four wonderful kids. When a school assignment rolls around that is “Cowbird Worthy”, I want to try to post it. Our first assignment in my “Learners in Context Class” was to write a poem with the prompt of “I Am”. That was all that was given. Oh, my.

I Am…

I am a galaxy of color.

I am deep diving into an intense blue aquasphere
of emotions and experience.

I am buttering up the full moon
with classical optimism.

I am inviting the mythical violet of motherhood
to cascade through me.

I am the clean green thumb
of my great-grandfather’s garden.

I am wearing the bolero of my red obsessions
which tease me forward into pages and words of unheard glory.

I am the gingery cavernous expression of solitude
which sings lullabies of release.

I am white light shattering into an epiphany of color.
I am the gathering in of all matter turning gibralatarous black.


PS The photo that you see is a science experiment that my daughter brought home from school and whipped up as her contribution to my homework! Yeah, she’s just awesome like that. Here’s the recipe: You mix 2% milk then add four different colors of food dye (two drops apiece), and two tiny drops of Dawn dish detergent at the very end. Viola!

My homework is becoming a family affair.

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