Everything seems to have happened all at once. I began grad school. I’m working with a new teacher next year, so there’s a lot to do in the classroom to get settled. I’m still working on getting the house up to par to sell, which is ongoing. I began my tutoring practice with kids who need a boost in reading. And my most important job of being a mom to four children never takes a nap.

There’s something else…oh, I’m doing something so amazing, new, never tried it before. It’s an online workshop.I registered for the workshop after landing on the website by chance. I had been longing to get back into the habit of a sketchbook…well, actually, I longed for a sketchbook concept, but something that involved mixed-media.

I really wanted the sketchbook to be this all together, stand alone piece of art!

Our very first assignment was to create an “inspiration board” and get our workspace together. I’m still working on an area that I can keep all my supplies within an arm’s reach, but so far I’m happy. Really happy. It feels like I’m getting back up on that horse.

I hope to do some more posts as we get further along in this adventure. I’m very excited to see where our the workshop Flickr and Ning group takes us as a collaborative body.

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2 thoughts on “inspiration

  1. Is that your desk? What a beautiful, inspiring place! I clearly need to work a bit on mine…

    • Yes, our claiming workspace was our first assignment for the online workshop. Sarah, the workshop ringleader, pointed the way to many online sights dedicated to the beauty of the artist’s desk and/or studio. Even Flickr has groups!

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