ode to typography

In my mind
I went swinging along printed vines
between two lines
of poetry.

The serif in the “t” is a slide,
in the loop of a “g” a good place to hide,
and the swash of an “R” I will ride.

The arm of an “E”
is more than enough beauty for me.
Shooting the dot of an “i” through the lobe of the “p”…

Only to find
myself still sitting on my behind
wringing dry a glass of wine.

After all this time
your meaning, dear poet, is lost on me.
All I see
is the typeset perfection and the negative in the eye of the “e”.

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2 thoughts on “ode to typography

  1. I thought I was the only one crazy about fonts… glad to find a fellow devotee.
    But this also takes me somewhere more profound, about judging by appearance.

    • Ooooh! I do love typography AND bing!bing!bing! You are correct! Thank you for your time in writing this note. I am finding deep inspiration in your “Finding Time to Write”.

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