match prints

Before Christmas, I was perusing Etsy in the hopes of finding some goodies for my friends for Christmas when I came upon an unusual print. I clicked on the image and was amazed at what I saw. It was affordable for me, so I ordered it. I received the print two days ago, right after Christmas.

The odd thing about the print is that it looked just like the swing in our backyard, right down to the current season we are in! Below is a photograph of our maple tree and swing.

I contacted the artist, Heather Reid of Heather Reid Studios to say “thank you” and to inquire whether or not the piece originated from her imagination or from “real life”.  She said that is was a mix of reality and her own imagination. Her grandmother also had a maple tree in her backyard with a swing on it. After sending her the photograph of the tree in our backyard, she also noticed the similarities. I asked if it would be ok to share this little story on my blog and she was very kind to agree.

So, this has me a little stumped: how could two trees planted 100’s of miles apart find it’s way to join 2 artists, one living in Salem, M.A. and the other in Winston-Salem, N.C. on the internet highway, of all places? I don’t know, but I want to express my gratitude to Ms. Reid. I want her to know that her picture will hold a special place on a wall wherever I may live. Her work will serve as a reminder of our swing, our sweet, small home that is filled with so much love and this time in my life when provision was made when I didn’t see how anything good could grow.

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