These pictures were taken with one roll of 36 exp. Agfa CT Precisa 35mm in the town where I live. This was the first time I have ever tried this film and I must say, I’m impressed. These images aren’t captured with Photoshop or any other crazy post-production process (I do crop, an eency weency bit on occasion). I’m not a snob, it’s just that the reason I take pictures is to experience the world around me more deliberately. I read a quote once and I wish I could remember exactly the way it was phrased, but it goes something like this: “Photography is all about what you see, but nothing is ever as it seems”. Life is gloriously surreal!

One of the reasons that I love taking photos with my oldNikon FM2 that my grandmother bought for me in college (which was a long time ago) is that it slows me down. I begin to see, compose, make subconscious associations and frame when there’s film in the camera instead of the machine gun, even-a-blind-cat-catches-a mouse approach that happens when I have a digital camera in my hands. Film is precious. You have a limited number of shots on a roll and those shots cost money. Both these elements equal a huge amount of skin in the game.  I think this investment, for me at least, translates into more interesting results and a helluva lot more fun.

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