Living in a moving light

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The way the light was sitting on this particular object of interest, I thought I should put my camera in my hands and take a picture. Then I thought, “Oh, tomorrow. The light will probably be the same.”

Now I think Maybe, But Maybe Not.

When I was out taking pictures one evening around 7:00 pm, I stopped at this factory. I noticed the busy-ness of the scene and the beautiful bronze color the bricks and concrete were reflecting, which reminded me of the red rocks in Arizona. I took three photographs in a row, experimenting with depth of field. Later after developing the film, I found that what I had were three entirely different photographs, all within a matter of seconds. One was sharp with contrast, the other a muddy mess.

Light, as there is no measure of darkness, travels at a speed 186,282 miles per sec, of which there is nothing that travels faster, so says Einstein. It is the light and its movement that gives shadows their finicky play. These long shadows, some longer than others, might bid our belief they will set up shop and stay forever; but, they don’t. It is the light that directs the shadow, shortening in some cases, obliterating the darkness altogether in others. We are left with the remnant of what we thought were dead, dark deserts, but are actually places teaming with growth and electricity, fire and pattern, awaiting the appropriate moment of illumination for our eye’s caress.

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