my new lover

I have a new lover and not being the type to kiss and tell, will refer to him only as “D”.

All things considered, he is the Lee to my Poe, the wind to my wave, the candy to my cotton.

Here are my reasons for choosing “D” above all others:

  1. We like the same things. We both like the simple, the everyday, big ferris wheels at the fair, the smile of the lady in a tollbooth, the yellow dandelion floating in a sea of green. The ordinary to the unnoticed on down to the downright prosaic.
  2.  He listens. He hangs on my every thought and shoulder as I go through my day, absorbing me.
  3. He responds, patiently. Intuitively, I aim. He shoots. We click.

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One thought on “my new lover

  1. be.

    … FULL.

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